What Birthdays Mean To Us

We may be getting off the subject of deals and ideas here, but birthdays is still a very important family topic. Everybody looks at them differently. How do we look at them, and what do they mean to us?

Bandage Mom celebrated her 33rd birthday yesterday. She has two wonderful boys, has an amazing marriage, has her health, is in the early stages of her own at-home business helping other families (Family Bandage), is homeschooling… She has so much to be thankful for.

Not once has she dreaded a birthday. She’s not keen on others making a deal about it because she’s not fond of being the center of attention, but a birthday is nothing more than another day that marks another year gone by…and survived.

We have had several friends and family members that passed away at very young ages. One was a freshman in high school. So every birthday that comes is certainly worth celebrating and being grateful for having.

We know many who dread birthdays. We even know some who have cried and gone through periods of depression because of their birthday. To each his/her own, but we just don’t understand that.

When you have a birthday, you do not age an entire year in a day; you only age another day. And it’s your day, as well as an opportunity for others to celebrate you. Birthdays should not be dreaded; it should be something that you look forward to arriving.

Why? Because it means you’re still alive. You have more life to live and experience.

This is what birthdays mean to us. Yes, you’re another year older, but really you’re only another day older. The point is that you are getting older, and that’s a blessing. That’s something to be thankful for because there are others who can no longer celebrate this.

And we’re pretty sure they wish that they could.

So do it while you still can. We do.


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