Our Formal Goal

We’re not trying to be like anybody else. We are trying to stand out and help others. If you’ve ever wondered what it is we officially hope to accomplish with Family Bandage, here it is:

Our goal is to provide the resources, assistance, and tools necessary to strengthen family bonds, encourage families to become more active, and help families find ways to save money.

We love doing things together. We love being together. We love being active. We love new experiences. We love saving money. And we understand how important these things are for families and how difficult it may be to accomplish them. That is why we created Family Bandage: we want to make that easier.

There just aren’t very many (well, we haven’t found any, really) reliable resources out there that focus on helping families in every way possible. There are many websites that have parenting tips, ways to save money, homeschooling resources, vacation and traveling deals, and tons of activity ideas, but it can be cumbersome searching the Internet for these. It’s out there, but you’ll find that you get pulled in hundreds of different directions trying to get there, all while weeding out the red tape, spam, and broken links.

You need one website that you can depend on that provides family-related, money-saving ideas and resources in one place. We are that source.

We want to make being a family easier and more affordable. Families just aren’t families anymore; it can be expensive, challenging, and seem impossible, far-reaching, or out-dated. If we can help change that, we will. And if we’re missing something you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll get it.

We genuinely want to help you. That is why we are here. We love what we do, and we want to share that with you.


Family Bandage


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