State Parks

We added many items to the website today, especially where state parks are concerned. Of the 50 US states, we now have links for state parks for 25 US states.

If you don’t want to go to individual state-park links, we’ve found a wonderful website where you can look for state parks in one location: This website is a quick and wonderful resource for searching any and all state parks without jumping from one state’s park website to another.

However, we don’t recommend relying on this website alone. Individual state-park website links will provide additional information that may not, such as park closures. There are some state parks in the northeastern portion of the United States that remain closed due to Sandy and the snow storms. That’s where the other links prove to be valuable.

Regardless, get out there and explore your state’s parks. Or venture to another state and explore theirs!

Stay safe and adventurous!


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